Six Day Advanced Permaculture Course with Tom Ward
January 16-21, 2014, Wolf Gulch Farm, Little Applegate, Southern Oregon

Here in a developed industrial empire, the forests are lonely. We have lost our sense of living with forests as friends. This Social Forestry course will explore reconnecting with forests through ecological knowledge, the use of hand tools and woodscrafts, seasonal festivals and work cycles, childrens’ stories, pilgrimages and stewardship covenants. We will learn ecological assessment, carbon sequestration methods, restoration forestry and the crafts and products that can be enjoyed while we are re-establishing our heart space and wonder in the woods.

Social Forestry and Community Forestry are academic and developmental fields that connect villages and communities to their forested water catchment basin. With climate weirding and excessive fuel loads, our abandonment of forest care is catastrophic. Our cities have forgotten that they were built with materials and vernacular flavors that came down river. Our forests have become sources for industrial materials and gold rush like gathering of minerals, game, mushrooms, herbs and specialty woods. We no longer have cultures of forest dwellers and keepers of the game. If a local culture has a relationship with their forest, that community is able to supply itself with a variety of products and a reliable source of clean water.


This course supports our vision of a cottagers’ co-op, stewardship contracts with ecological covenants, semi-nomadic seasonal work patterns and cultural support for a new/old way of being in relationship with our forests and landscapes. We believe that only through building new relationships now can we look forward to a more appropriate and sustainable culture of cities, farms and forests that inspires us all and especially the children to look forward to a future that makes sense and promises a good and glorious life many generations hence.

The Permaculture Design Course is a prerequisite for getting an advanced certificate from this course. Others may have the certificate held until they have a PDC certificate. You must complete all six days of the course to get your certificate. The course is open to all who have a working knowledge of Permaculture.

Cancellation Policy: Until December 28th, fee is refundable less $100 cancellation fee. After December 28, the fee is nonrefundable unless the course fills and we sell your spot. There will still be a $100 cancellation fee.

Course Price TBA
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