Looking down over a 250-acre architecture and landscaping project known as Gardens by the Bay are steel and concrete structures reaching up 25 to 50 meters tall that look a lot like trees, and are providing some of the same benefits! The giant robot forest is home to 18 of these structures that hold vertical gardens of various tropical flowers and ferns, collect rainwater and solar energy from their canopy, help provide lighting to visitors at night and shade during the day, and act as air venting ducts for nearby conservatories.

Part of a redeveloping marina district in the country’s larger initiative to transform Singapore into a “city in a garden” the site also features two climate-controlled conservatories or biomes, the Cloud Forest and Flower Dome, inspired by the shape of an orchid. Together roughly four football fields in size the two biomes will contain 220,000 plants from across the planet. Horticultural waste from the Flower Dome feeds into a steam turbine that helps maintain the atmospheric conditions inside the biome.

Suspended from many of the taller super-trees are sky bridges known as “skywalks” that allow visitors to gaze out over the park. Although the super-trees and biomes make up only 5% of the multimillion-dollar project led by UK landscape architects Grant Associates, they are the park’s main attractions, with an approximate admission fee of US$22 for entry to the biome exhibits.