3 day Workshop Facilitated by Tom Ward, Melanie Mindlin and Karen Taylor
September 20-22, 2013 at Full Bloom Farm, Little Applegate, Southern Oregon

Gain confidence in your design skills with this workshop focused on permaculture site assessment and conceptual design for a local site that includes forestry, farming and residential community. The course starts with an in-depth experience of the way that Tom Ward does an initial assessment of a property during a walk through. Student then explore ways to organize thinking about the multi-faceted opportunities addressed through permaculture on this specific site. Team work will lead to conceptual designs and recommendations for the site.

At this workshop, we will do an assessment of the property, taking a close look at opportunities to increase water infiltration, improve forest health, locate buildings and food growing operations, site a seasonal worker camp, as well as opportunities for animals, waste water treatment, energy production and more. We will explore organizing the site through keyline principles as well as applying zone and sector analysis.


Students will brainstorm a permaculture vision of the possibilities on this land and do rough sketches to document our ideas. The course will finish with a student presentation to the property owners.

This class will be offered at an intermediate level. This means it is suitable for graduates of the Permaculture Design Course as well as people who have either taken at least a one day introductory permaculture course or read one of the basic permaculture books. See list on website.

Course Price $300 includes camp site and lunch Breakfast and dinner made with food you bring. Early registration price: $250 by August 20, 2013

For more information or to register contact us at sassetta@mind.net.
To Learn more about Tom Ward and the Siskiyou Permacuture team visit www.siskiyoupermaculture.com.

  1. Kim Bond says:

    There are 5 buildings on the property. They include the main house, a shed, a boiler room, and two other guest houses. The east of the house has a slab of concrete, where 5ft snow drift can be found. Sewer lines are found on the south east side of the property, between the guest house and shed. Fences border the north, south and east boundaries of the property. Water faucet is located on the south for watering the fruit orchard.