Soiled Hands will be holding an educational enrichment class for children ages
2-7. at Piper’s Playground in Tumwater, WA, Tuesdays in May at 10:15 AM, weekly.

An introduction to gardening and plant appreciation. Along with exercises in identification of common species and their uses, children will get hands-on experience planting seeds and learning the life-cycle of plants. Included are arts & crafts activities designed to build awareness of the importance of plants.
$45 enrollment fee includes four, 1 hour weekly classes and materials.

    Week 1:

  • “See & Say” plant identification and introduction to common fruits and vegetables, and what
    they look like before they end up in our food.
  • Life-cycle overview covering the various stages of a plant’s growth.
  • Planter decoration – Kids will be provided materials to decorate their own individual seed pot.
  • Planting seeds – Kids will plant seeds to be taken home at the end of the month long course.


    Week 2:

  • Growing up Strong – We discuss what plants need to grow and how we can help.
  • Colorful leaf etching helps us discuss how plants distribute nutrients and energy, and gives kids some art to hang on the refrigerator.
  • We talk about trees and their important role in nature, name a few of our favorites and their distinguishing features.
  • Match fruits and nuts to their respective trees and seeds.


    Week 3:

  • Old McDonald sing-a-long introduces us to animals on the farm and leads to a discussion on how they help fertilize the soil and provide nutrients for plants.
  • We meet our other friends in the soil… Worms & Insects, and discuss their role in helping out.
  • A microscope shows us there is a lot going on in the soil.
  • Construction-paper flower making!


    Week 4:

  • More “See & Say” with advanced plant identification.
  • Dream Garden drawing – What will your garden look like? Arts & crafts challenge.
  • Seed status check-in and review of what went right/wrong.
  • Little Garden Helper certificate presentation.
  • Seed/Planter take home.


To register call Piper’s Playground at (360) 584-9886
For more about our venue visit
Find Piper’s Playground on facebook here.

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