Normally we’re excited to see our friends featured in the local news… but the news from central Oregon is that our good friends at Green Willow Grains, growers of certified %100 organic grains, and hundreds of other local farmers are facing a potential loss of their overseas wheat market after an unnamed farmer in Oregon discovered he was unwittingly growing genetically modified wheat when workers clearing a field noticed the crop didn’t die after being sprayed with herbicide.

Tests performed at Oregon State University by researcher Carol Mallory-Smith showed that the samples of wheat were “Roundup-resistant transgenic.” This new herbicide-resistant wheat contains the same genetic traits found in wheat that the biotech company Monsanto started testing in 1998 within Oregon and 15 other states, but was reportedly discontinued over a decade ago in 2001 after failing to win FDA approval.

While the FDA now maintains that the wheat is fit for human consumption, both Japan and North Korea, having strict bans on GMO wheat, have suspended some U.S. shipments leaving many domestic producers without customers and scrambling to find storage. Clint Lindsey of Green Willow Grains fears that unless the issue is resolved and the shipments are allowed to resume they risk losing “hundreds of thousands of dollars a year.”

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