About Soiled Hands

“Soiled Hands” is a collaboration of a small group of environmentally conscious people with positive intentions, interested in promoting a healthy and balanced lifestyle that harmoniously syncs in with and compliments the ever-evolving life cycles all around and within us. We believe that much of the connection between us as humans and our surroundings that keeps us nourished and whole has been hindered by the effects of the industrialization of trade, over-processing of our foods and poor management of our global resources. We can taste the difference between what we grow in our backyards and what is available to us at the supermarkets. We share concern that the goals of our society are short-sighted and pose a serious threat to our planet. Because we know that there are more of us out there looking for a better way to do things, we started working together and pooling resources to help spread the knowledge and simple truths that can help repair much of the damage that has been done. We have come to find that there is great wisdom in and among us, a wisdom that holds the power to transform our lives and communities, and that amazingly enough, has been right in front of us the whole time!

Founded by artist and Permaculture Design student Michael Stevenson in the Spring of 2012 with a focus on designing and building resilient local food networks to provide a viable alternative to the industrialized profit-driven systems that are depleting the health of our soils and wreaking havoc on the balance of our local ecosystems. While working to restore the idle farm to a nursery and abundant food production facility Soiled Hands is also working diligently to provide resources online to help push the transition to a more harmonious relationship between the human race, its peers and their gracious host. We hope you find the information shared here helpful, and encourage you to make a donation to support our efforts. Thank you, and enjoy!